IDO-EVB6Y09 NXP i.MX6ULL development board


IDO-EVB6Y09 is a development board for NXP i.MX6ULL . It is developed based on the IDOSOM6Y08 core board. It is equipped with NXP IMX6ULLIEC processor and the maximum frequency can reach 800MHz. Support WIFI Bluetooth module and 4G full Netcom module wireless communication mode, provide dual Ethernet interface, CAN, RS-485, RS-232, USB OTG, TF card, SIM card, LVDS, RGB, TP and audio and other functional interfaces . It can be used as an evaluation board or widely used in various industrial Internet of Things gateways and industrial control equipment.

IMX6ULL development board

Perfect system development resources

Development board equipment node list
Num Device Device node
1 Nand flash /dev/mtd*
2 eMMC /dev/mmcblk1*
3 SD Card /dev/mmcblk0*
4 USB /dev/sd*
5 USB 4G module /dev/ttyUSB1~3
6 LCD /dev/fb0
7 backlight /sys/class/backlight/
8 TP /dev/input/event1
9 UART Debug /dev/ttymxc0
10 RS232-1 /dev/ttymxc1
11 RS232-2 /dev/ttymxc2
12 RS485-1 /dev/ttymxc3
13 RS485-2 /dev/ttymxc4
14 CAN can0
15 Ethernet 0 eth0
16 Ethernet 1 eth1
17 USB WIFI module wlan0 p2p0
18 RTC /dev/rtc0
19 Audio /dev/snd/*
20 User LED /dev/led1
21 User key /dev/input/event2
22 buzzer


The system version of the development board and the supported interface driver
Num Name Description
1 U-Boot U-Boot 2016.03
2 Linux Linux 4.1.15-2.1.0
3 FileSystem Buildroot
4 QT QT4.8.7
5 Frequency 800MHz
6 DDR 256MB/512MB DDR3
7 MMC eMMC、TF card driver
8 NAND gpmi Nand driver
9 USB HOST USB Host driver
10 USB OTG USB OTG driver
11 WiFi RTL8723BU、ATBM6032I driver
12 LTE EC20 4G module driver
13 Ethernet 10/100Mbps KSZ8081 ethernet driver
14 LCD RGB and LVDS,7inch 1024×600 screen driver
15 Backlight PWM backlight driver
16 Touch gt911 Capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen driver
17 RS232 RS232 driver
18 RS485 RS485 driver
19 CAN CAN bus driver
20 SPI SPI driver
21 RTC PCF85063 Real-time clock driver
22 Audio WM8960 driver
23 LED System Heartbeat、GPIO LED driver
24 KEY GPIO KEY driver
25 Buzzer GPIO buzzer driver

Rich external interface

Provide dual Ethernet interface, CAN, RS-485, RS-232, USB OTG, TF card, SIM card, LVDS, RGB, TP etc.
Can be connected to conventional 7-inch / 10.1-inch LVDS screen with a resolution of up to 1366 * 768

IDO-EVB6Y09 interface definition

IDO-EVB6Y08 back view

Strong communication capabilities

It can be widely used in many fields such as environmental monitoring, industrial control, road condition monitoring, PLC device communication, video conference, etc.


Specifications Definition
CPU NXP i.MX6ULL ARM 800MHZ,40~105℃ Industrial grade
DDR3 256MB/512MB optional,256 default

Support NAND FLASH from 256MB to 1GB

Or eMMC 4GB~32GB

256MB  NAND FLASH default

LAN 2 10M/100Mbps adaptive
USB 3 USB 2.0 Host

LTE B1/B3/B38/B39/B 40/B41;

3G B1/B34/39/BC0 GSM/EDGE;


Support main/diversity antenna, GPS antenna;

Standard drawable SIM card holder, eSIM optional

SIM card holder

1, Support standard SIM card

Reserve eSIM card position, support eSIM

RS485 2 channels with interface protection, isolated RS485 transceiver
RS232 2 channels with interface protection, isolated RS232 transceiver
CAN 1 channel with interface protection, isolated CAN transceiver
TF card Micro SD card standard
Audio output

1 channel 4 section OMTP standard 3.5mm headphone jack, support voice input;

1 dual channel 8ohm 1W speaker (PH2.0 4Pin);


Support a variety of commonly used LCD screens, up to 1366 * 768 resolution;

One 50Pin 0.5mm FPC seat, support universal 7 and 10.1 inch LCD

One 24bit LVDS interface, support larger size LVDS interface LCD.

LVDS screen backlight interface 1, support 5V or 12 LVDS backlight power supply, PWM dimming output;
Resistance touch screen interface 4-wire resistive touch, expanded through PH-4P connector and 4Pin 1.0mm FPC seat;
Capacitive touch screen interface I2C communication, external expansion through 6Pin 0.5mm FPC seat;
Keys 1 RESET button, 1 ON/OFF button (long press to turn off, short press to turn on), 1 firmware upgrade button (MODE0)
WIFI/BT Support RT8723BU/ATBM6032I WIFI/BT module;
Extension port 3 channel, expand 46 CPU IO, can be configured as GPIO/I2C/SPI/SDIO/UART/CAN;
RTC Independent RTC clock chip, 1220 button battery, easy maintenance;
LED indicator 1 4G indicator, 1 system indicator, 1 power indicator, 1 custom indicator;
Power input 9 ~ 30V DC @ 1A power supply;
Standard DC block 5.5 * 2.1 interface.


Cross compiler-soft floating
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Cross compiler-hard floating
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NXP official DDR initialization and test tool
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Hardware information
Hardware user manual
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Chip Information
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Development board package library
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Uboot source
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Kernel source
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Uboot firmware
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Kernel firmware
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IDO-EVB6Y09 System Development Manual
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IDO-EVB6Y09 Quick start guide
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