Solution background


The traditional industrial control man-machine operation interface is mostly composed of physical buttons and keyboard and mouse. The operation mode is not sensitive, the response speed is slow, and the operation interface is not intuitive. The touch screen industrial control human-machine interface (HMI) based on the ARM Cortex-A7 architecture can solve the above problems well.


Case introduction


Based on ARM Cotex-A7 architecture, the main frequency can reach 800MHz, and supports Linux operating system. Support high-definition LCD display, capacitive touch, and provide wifi module, 4G module, Ethernet port, serial port, CAN bus and other external interfaces. The IDO-EVB6Y08 solution meets the requirements of industrial-grade products. The operating temperature is -40 ~ + 85 ° C, and it is resistant to various electromagnetic signal interference. The system operates stably, has strong communication capabilities, and has a long product life.