Solution background


Commercial advertising is ubiquitous in today’s society, and advertising machines are constantly emerging. Based on the current market demand, the Android motherboard based on RK PX30 series CPU developed by Shenzhen Tactile Intelligence can provide a high-end Android advertising machine solution.


Case introduction


Quad-core Cortex A-35 CPU, the main frequency can be up to 1.3GHz, using Mail-G31 GPU, support 1080P video encoding, H.265 hard decoding. Support EDP, LVDS, HDMI three display interfaces, can play 1080P HD video smoothly, and can support dual LVDS different display. Operating temperature -25 ~ + 85 ° C, continuous operating life is more than 5 years. It is the perfect solution for all-in-one advertising machine and all-in-one industrial control machine.